Friday, April 2, 2010

MAYDAY! i need good BOOKS!!! Read Much?

I dont.
which is really pretty wierd since English was always my favorite subjuect and i took it on as a my Major in college...i always liked the writing aspect...was never reallly a reader.
SO, to shake my mind up a bit, and get the wheels turning, I decided to pick up a novel at the book store yesterday..."The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair.
See, i have this "problem"...
if a book doesn't zip zap my interest right away, i will end up reading the SAME page about 10 times, and still have NO CLUE of what i just read.
ADHD? dunno. BUT, i remeber "The Jungle" from high school, and from college too...
It was one of the few books looking back that I always could follow, even with off the wall Lithuanian antics and names i still cant pronouce. It was the meat of the story that reeled me in. A TRULY deep, dark, revealing, hard-core story....fiction/non fiction....and HA! i just made a pun. Meat. Unitended!!! Alas, it is 12:44 AM and i cannot sleep. And though i am probably not going to take DELIGHTFUL Alice in Wonderland bookmark from out of "The Jungle" to read, I still thought i would write about reading. Books. Literature. Gettin my LEARN back on. My brain has been WAY too numb for too long, and i am calling out a MAYDAY for something else to get me back on the book train....for SURE.

i am sooooooo UP for suggestions!!!!!!!!!!