Tuesday, March 9, 2010

These are a few of my Favorite THINGS! ARTIST FEATURES

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:Always Changing - ARTIST COMMUNITY:

In life, there are some things that just make me SMILE like a Cheshire cat...grin from ear to ear. Simple, Complex, art from one end of the spectrum to the other. Excellent craftsmanship, unique pieces, extraordinary ideas, and the most simplistic delights...all can make my day. and THESE are a few of my FAVORITE things

TOTAL GEM TREASUTE CHEST FINDS  http://www.ashesforash.etsy.com/

I got this for my mom for her birthday...how could you NOT love it??
AshesForAsh on etsy is a total GEM in my book. Her Vintage collection is to die for...Dayna's shop is an all around TOTAL SCORE! Just sharin' the love, so check her work out! You wont be disappointed, in any way, shape, or form. This i promise you :) It's a little bit if this and a little bit of that...a recipe for WONDERFUL.
Click on the link above and VOILA! you...are...there!


more GEMS of a FIND

I would like to introduce you to Miss Mary and her shop misobel!
I love the stones, the gems and minerals, the wire, the media, the flow, the EVERYTHING she uses in her pieces! What a fabulous find! Check this shop out...you will not be let down at all!! I am conjuring up in my head what i should order each time i visit Mary's store! As she says
"I find inspiration from ancient cultures and devotional/spiritual jewelry traditions like rosaries and malas. I love materials from nature. I have an affinity for simplicity." - Mary of misobel

And wow does it show!! The lines of her work, the beauty of the colours, the placemets of each detailed wire wrap, or twist of the beading...it's so beautfiul!!! Mary is so friendly too!! It's an all around TOTAL SCORE!! Go check this shop out, and get immeresed in it's beauty just like i did...I LOVE IT!!

 ok here is

Here is a little or A LOT something special from hobbydust...i fell in love with these as soon as saw them. No i am picturing them in my new house i hope we get!!! It is amazing what a little canvas, a little embroidery and little stitching can do! THESE ARE AMAZING! and the greatest part is...hobbydust does CUSTOMS to match what you want the canvas to say! To me, it is so comforting, relaxing, and ZEN.



Not Your Average Pieces of PAPER and Canvas
uh, nope.

woha. jump back. check THIS out

"Since founding GIGART in 1996, Gregg Gordon's artwork has been seen on TV, featured in magazines and newspaper publications, and utilized as an integral part of a number of national ad campaigns and concert merchandising efforts. Corporate clients repeatedly turn to GIGART for their poster, logo, album cover and package design needs."

I have previously seen Gregg Gordons work and DEF heard of him, but ot see the art available on etsy was like...HELLO!!! Anyhow,if you are into detailing, design, off the wall, creativity, music, and fun...check this shop OUT!!! and DIG DIG DIG it all the way!!!

 i know i TOTALLY DIG it

more cool not your average paper....

is ONE cool cat! Friendly FUN, you can't go wrong with the oozing creativity and love of this craft Lauren has in her heart....GREETING EARTHLINGS, right ON!
Below is a most dear person in my life, total per chance, who knew? well...here you GO - Miss Leah herself, the famed, the snazzy, the sweetest gal around! Leah as a HUGE passion for her art and her craft...and a HUGE heart to match. Her shops (YES!TWO SHOPS!) are an all around TOTAL SCORE...and i realllllllly suggest you check it out for yourself!!! This is my mind frame...THhe Mad Alchemist is about to quote herself...ready??? "I always say, the most important thing you can put in a package to a customer BESIDES the item they ordered, is a hand made hand written Thank You note"....and BELOW is one of the BEST and most inviting places to get them!


WOW. yup. i know, right?!?!? TOTALLY! Leah has the COOLEST and most FUN designs. I think while staying true to herself, she creates with other people in mind...her art is that art that is straight from the heart. Leah is truly a one of a kind lady.

The RAD Factor

what CAN i SAY about zomb?!?!? cutting edge,hip,rad, pretty badass all around!! A totally unique shop, i am convinced zomb taunts me with three t-shirts, two of which i own...just to keep me coming back. seriously, i have a problem. check this out...and check THIS out...a ZOMBIE DEFENSE LEAGUE...you KNOW IT!! 
It's THAT good, baby...THAT GOOD. 



..the radness continues..
So I found this artist in a chat room, I was automaticallt intrgued by their avatar...a yellow FuNkY pumpkin. Let me say that the shop blew my away! You can't help bu SMILE when you are in this shop and looking at all the RAD and unique art. Dolls, Stickers, Paintings, COLOUR, wierd illusion, asain culture and cats! how about THAT for variety!?! Deriving inpiration from Tim Burton, Billy Corgan, and what must be all things super and unusual...shake it all up, hang out with Gino the cat...and POW! you have zeropumpkin! I deeply appreciate this art and I deeply appreciate this artist. If you are into the flip side of fabulous freaky fun
is where it's AT


NOW....it's time for a little WONDERLAND...a little curiosity topped off with a ton of CLASS...and fancy stuff. Stumbled across this per chance in a chat room, and i am SO JAZZED i found this gem of a shop!!! Swallows are good luck, and these are FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING...i think the good luck part is totally VALID! ha! These are SO PRETTY - took my breath away...
Swooping Swallow Earrings....
we NEVER know what is THROUGH Looking Glass.....i think that is the BEST part!

:more of the fanciful:


 I love stumbling in chat rooms and randomnly finding a slice of heaven on earth. Especially when it's a FANICFUL find!! When i talk about BeadRee's etsy shop, i dont say i am browsing in the shop, i say i am DANICNG in the shop, like swirling and swooshing into this beautiful wonderland, full of old sweet history, enticing words, magic colours, and delicate balance. as i say - TOTAL SCORE. If you want to FEEL good, take a DANCE thru it! 
I love what is written on the front page of her shop...the words, her mission, you can tell she is in love with her craft...what a VISION she has from start to finish...if there REALLY is a finish...who knows where or whom it will passed along to...
"It may be a rich color, an unusual shape or a symbolic gemstone. Something about the bead calls me, and the designs begins. When I Work, I think about a celebration necklace for a daughter, a milestone bracelet for  a sister or a pair of earrings for a frien's birthday. I imagie each unique and wonderful person who will wear the finished jewlery." - BeadRee

~just dance and flit and float with the beads~


"i just cant get enough"
"i just cant get enough"
I FELL IN LOVE with a king, a spade, AND a joker!! the ace cooked me breakfast and i ended up HERE!
CHECK THIS OUT,mmmmmkay???
BOLD, soft, RAGGED, refined, CRAZY, calm.
Meet the Shop, Meet The Artist!
Hollie has dreamed of selling her fashion since she started dressing here Barbies! Man,Barbie is such an inspiration for us all....eh? Ok, back to Hollie because she is the one who generates this madly beautiful art! When Hollie is not creating she enjoys artisan cooking, thrifting and finding new (and old) music for inspiration. She loves to read, have "coffee-talk" with friends and going to cute little boutiques. Se is also a big fan of camping, hiking, and other outdoor naturey things. Go Hollie Go!
Hollie, your music picks, by the way are flawless...just had to mention that. great minds, eh??

i cant say ENOUGH amazing things about this shop. some spitits, sellers and shops just scream my name, and they have my undevided attention.
http://www.bluecerryshoes.com/ is one of them. the colours, the magic, the moment, the all...
my words REALLY cannot do this shop and this seller any justice.

i wana EAT these!!! remember to visit Hollie at www.blueberryshoes.etsy.com

There is this GRAND shop on etsy...a TOTAL SCORE if you ask me!! And i feel SO LUCKY to have found Courtney and her ART!!! She has great items in her store...but see i have "thing" for magnets...UNIQUE ones, that make a FUN and beautiful statement, and are downright strong...no one likes a weak magnet. Therefore i give you Courtney's UBER strong imaginative magnets, but trust me there is MUCH more to her than just being stuck on fridge(NOT that there's anything WRONG with that...teehee)...but THESE are a few of my favorite things...anda glimpse into her artistic world...OH! and i you LOVE Vintage...GO to her SHOP!!!!


Ok so this is NEW favorite of mine...i came across Darrian's shop in a chat room, and pretty much fell in LUUUVE. not just love, but TOTAL LUUUUUUUVE. She is a budding young artist that seems to have no limits on her mediums...an all around TOTAL SCORE! i'm a sucker for COLOUR and a true fan of beauty, so this bracelet immediately caught my eye, and captured my HEART....

Her paintings, sketches, jewelery, textures....they seem to break boundaries, and i hope that Darrian and her shop continue to do so!!!

i adore

The WOW Factor

Ok...so i happened to pop in a chat room while this AMAZING shop was up for grabs...i thought to myself "NO i DID NOT just see the most STUNNING Clutch EVER?!?!" but alas, i did, and so i ended up in Missy's shop, loving her goodies!!! This clutch is SO detailed and chic, i couldnt think of a better thng to DO (besides BUY the thing) than to blog about it. Missy is a total sweetheart...she is so enthusiastic, and just by talking with her you can tell she has a huge love of people, community, VINTAGE and love of her craft. OH! and the coolest thing is, she donates 5% of the profits she makes from purchases to the Salvation Army...you go Colorado Missy!!! THAT is kind and what a great organization. Lastly, I had to sneak this picture in too...i think it my favorite little piece of heaven from Missy's store...

I ADORE this hairpin from Missy's SHOP! BESTILL my beating heart!!! *le sigh*

TeXtUrEs and CoLoUrS HeAvEn

So i was doing my normal stumbling around etsy, and was SO overjoyed to trip over THIS beauty of a art shop. Kathleen runs this show, and she is a runner - deriving her ideas and inspirations during her daily runs...makes me think i should start this whole running thing - if i could come home from a a jog and create THESE amazaing pieces, consdier me booked in the next local marathon! HELLO! I am truly touched in my heart by Kathleens ART!!! So yummy i wanna eat it. Or just have it everywhere around me. I think I could just faint...take a look for yourelf, be prepared for a RIDICULOUS amount of AWESOMENESS!!! i know i say it ALOT...BUT....WOW.

Gypsy, Steampunk, Charms, OH MY!


I am ALWAYS fascinated with jingles and jangles, charms and spells, noises and textures that transport me to other lands, other worlds, be it a pirate at sea, a traveling gypsy, or a fairy flying and flitting in fields of poppy flowers. This shop and this artist happen to allow of of thees thoughts and feelings flow into my soul and feel free and wild.
When i saw TheDamnNation's artwork, I knew it would be wrong of me to deny other people of the chance to feel this same way and see some beautiful, one of a kind musings. ENJOY!!!!

It's a FUN and FELTED world that we LIVE IN

This shop is JUST awesome!! There is a little bit of everythng and a LOT of talent...I love colour and i LOVE Felting...Thereis something REALLY special about Felted pieces of art. Think about the origins of where it started from, an animal, spun, carded, dyed, andt hen almost sculpted into the most delightful and most...random objects, so fun, so fuzzy....SO FELTED. And it no easy task. So when I cam across this shop, I got REALLY happy, the entire aura is friendly, fun and inviting...and there is MUCH more to this lovely ladies store than just felting, there is SO MUCH different types of art in this store!!!! It just happened to be the one thing i wanted to share with you, from me, from her...to YOU! ENJOY!!! I have a MAJOR thing for Solar Systems...maybe it is because i teach at a school, or am fascinated with the galaxy, and this set of planets took me to a *happy place* The heart also captured my eye...the felting and then the cute delicate embellishments are to die for!!!!

:::A Different Perspective:::
Through Hildi's Lens

If you have never met or talked to Miss Hildi Borkowski, you are missing out on SO much!!! Besides being one of THE sweetest, kindest, caring and endearing women i have ever had the pleasure of befriending...she is an AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER!!! Her photography has been featured in a number of places, and now we are lucky enough to have her art on etsy!!!
Her themes range from landscape, nature, flowers and MORE. HIldi has calenders available, matted photos available, and greeting cards with her photos as well!!! It's always so...refreshing and wonderfully perplexing to see how someone else views the world, from their eyes...from their lens, and the wonder of it all is the best part. TOTAL SCORE. I love this SHOP and i love this ARTIST!


 ~Creating with Clay~
in the most beautiful way


Ok SO i was browsing polymer clay sites. Usually I browse them to find my ear gear dealer, but then is saw this shop show up the results...HELLO??!? Amazing. I had to look 5,000 times to make sure what i was LOOKING at WAS Polymer, that is was actually clay. It looked to me like some other material, and then when it finally sunk in that this was the real deal, i contacted Miss Purva herself, the artist behind the...art! She is a total doll, talented, addicted to all things cute, fun, easy to to talk to, and SO friendly. She has been working with Polymer Clay for a little over a year, and by all means has TOTALLY broke boundaries and excelled at it. Purva, WOW, you have definitely found your calling. Although she is SO talented, i am sure she has MANY callings. There are lots of other art pieces that are not Polymer in her shop....BUT WOW. So what you are looking at is indeed Clay and Clay embellishment. And it is indeed AMAZING. OH, and HAPPY ONE YEAR ETSY-VERSARY Purva!!! I LOVE THIS!!!YOU GO GIRL!

So as i was thinking about all the features of artists i have done, i realized, i really truly failed to take on one of the most popular and coolest forms of art there is...VINTAGE. It appreciating things, having an eye for art pieces, and decor DECOR DECOR...buying vintage is like way to express yourself through pieces of art that have their very OWN past and their very OWN personality...and it's cool is to wonder..."where, OH WHERE, have you been litle teapot and what tales could you tell if you talk!?"
 So when I found Pam in a chat room, i was drawn to her shop...the variety, the adorableness, the classiness, i was touched within. Pam has been collecting Vintage pieces for years; on etsy for about 6 months. This is her release from the 9 to 5 grind, we all know that feeling...and we all need an outlet. Looks like Pam has found her nitche'! WHAT AN EYE for beauty she has!! I think the coolet thing Pam said to me was this - "I enjoy the thought of finding something for someone else. When others think what I chose is nice enough to buy, that's 'my moment'" How cool is THAT?! I love that. And It all ties into the ceb and flow of artistic moments. Pam is SO sweet, i REALLLY suggest you check out her shop!!! Normally i pick my favorite photos to putup...but this time i am switching it up an putting up a mix of both...here you go Vintage Lovers!!!

"Korean Kids"
this is one of her favorites, and the more i look at it, i couldnt agree more!!! LOVE IT ALL!


LJ Van Scoy said...

Love this blog!!! Great choices of favorite things!! Thanks so much for including my Monsters and Aliens cards! :) Its a special stamp set to me because my husband picked it out of my catalog secretly and bought them for me knowing I liked them. He got me the robot stamps too (in my shop) because I am such a huge fan of Wall-E :) Thanks again!

BanjoBaySoaps said...

no...way :) you are so welcome BUT the deal is - THANK YOU for BEING suh an amazingcreative person!!! much LOVE to you and your art!

courtney said...

I'm so glad I can help feed your magnet habit! You of course help me with my soap addiction, so....I guess we're even. Thanks so much for featuring my shop:) Now off to check out some of these shops(some are already favorites).

Shilohnovella said...

OMG! I loveeeee you lol (in a non-gross way of course XD) Thank you so much for putting me up there, and writting all the nice words you did. I really truely do appriciate it soooo much!

I also love the all the others you put up as well, I'm going to check out all of the shops!

Thank you again!

BanjoBaySoaps said...

you are BEYOND welcome...THANK YOU for sharing your art with the WORLD!!!! i love it!
The Mad Alchemist aka Em aka Banjo Bay Soaps

Looking Glass Jewels said...

Thank you so much for featuring me! What a great blog! You are AWESOME!

BanjoBaySoaps said...

you're awesome!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOT! love your art!!!!

Kathleen said...

Awwwww thank you SO much for including me with all these other wonderful artists!! I hope you do start running, it's a great way to get the creativity flowing!

BanjoBaySoaps said...

you are so welcome...i LOVE IT SOOOOOOOO MUCH!

Morado said...

This is so sweet! Thank you so much for this super cool feature :o)

zeropumpkin said...

:D awww i glad that i am with the others artist that i meet in the room too hehe..papercraftsbyk is there too.. hehe love her work..thanks so much for featuring me :D

Anonymous said...

:) EM, thanks so much for including me in this wonderful Blog. Thank you for such kind words, you are truly the best!!!!

Pam said...

Em, kudos and many thankies doll for including me in your blog. As I mentioned in our convo I feel so honored to be included with all the crafters on your blog. Yes, vintage is also an art (which I truly love) but the honor to be with the rest of you guys is special to me! Many thanks again....and best wishes!


BanjoBaySoaps said...

HEY!!! i am so HAPPY that you guys and gals are so HAPPY!!! i wish i could do a full page of EVERYONE! you are so wonderful!!!
Em (The Mad Alchemist)

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