Saturday, May 15, 2010

MAY Marvels

I am featured in a Treasury West by CrystalBeadDesigns!
check out her shop at

it is a VERY precious TREASURY by a very talented artist!!
"Whispering Sparrows" by Me at

OK! are YOU ready to....

Myself wearing THE "Moulin Rouge" Top Hat by TwoBackFlats

A few months back, i fell in love with a shop called TwoBalckFlats. I loved everything about it, the colours, the textures, the vibe, the HATS!!! And little did i KNOW, the amazing lady behind the art would turn out to be one of the most wonderfully fascinating and loveable people i have ever met! Her art has been one of the most inspring additions to my life! I actually have incorpoorated it into MY art...when we work, we work in TwoBackFlats top hats. We mix and match, trade off, and have noticed that everything is far more fun and faniciful since we started the movement in-house!!! If you work at BanjoBay, you wear the top hat of your choice. And you love every second of it. I have so many thank you's and so much love to extend to this artist...well, word sdont do it justice. Alas, words will have to do for now. So sit back, put on a hat, grab a cup of java, and enjoy the awesomeness that IS...
THE "J"...the driving force behind the interview that she has graced grassrootsartists with...drum roll PLEASE....

Miss Jasika Scruggs

Age: 25 + 1
Location: The Land of Pleasant Living

Jasika, I am fascinated by artists who don’t forget the head in the expression "head to toe" obviously are living proof of this! Do you agree that sometimes these days we forget about that in fashion?
I agree completely, E! This is why we understand each other. I can remember the first time I saw a photo of my mom getting off a plane in a black and white suit, hat and platforms. I immediately wished I lived “back when”. Chic and styled head to toe was the norm for leaving the house whether you were socializing or traveling. I was raiding fabric stores for bows before bows were acceptable, making oversized flowers for behind my ear before Neicy Nash (Love you Neicy). Put a hat on and see how every person who passes smiles at you. Let’s bring it back!!!

I HAVE to know...when did you start making your top hats?!?!?!?
Believe it or not, I have just started making my top hats within the last year. They have developed so quickly from their craftsmanship to their design. My adoration of them grows everyday. (I say goodnight to them in their hat boxes every night. (But, don’t tell anyone:)

Where did you get the inspiration to pick up this AMAZING craft?
My awesome aunt was having a hat party for her 50th birthday. That’s another lady that understands the importance of details details details! I immediately knew I wanted a fun and funky hat for my short poofy dress. I was at the fabric store 3 minutes later. 20 minutes later, I had a room full of fabric and flowers and trims and sketches.

What kinds of elements in life do you derive your inspirations from in your art?
It has always been my mission to live with beautiful surroundings. I live in a beautiful city with marble and granite architecture whose details are intoxicating. I have unbelievably gorgeous friends who inspire me daily in their boldness, their colorful hair, their tattoos, their fashion sense and their traditional views on life. I notice everything from how a flower bends and how easily colors in nature flow and belong together.

Do you have any favorite materials, colours, objects and textures to work with?
I am a fabric and ribbon lover. I have hat boxes and wine cases and drawers filled with textures and colors that alone could inspire amazing things. I love the unexpected when it comes to fashion. A black hat with a hot pink bottom or a bridal hat with a striped underside. I think sexiness and confidence comes from something not necessarily everyone can see or know about. Something just for you. THAT is my favorite.

What kind of music do you listen to? Does it ever flow into your art?
My husband is a musician so music is my pulse. I listen to anything from alternative country to old country, local artists, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, you can find them all in my car at any given point. I don’t ever work without my music. It makes me feel and love and remember. Since I can’t carry a tune and should never attempt to play the guitar again, I try to convey the feelings I get through music through MY art.

***Do you have any pets***

I have two dogs who are the loves of my life. Papi and June are my favorite part of everyday.

Me wearing the :Hot Pink Spring Petite Top Hat:
by TwoBlackFlars

What other kinds of art and ideas do you dabble in?
As a graphic design major, I was always instantly drawn to paper. Greeting cards and thank you notes and wedding invitations. I am a hair stylist because, well, fantastic hair makes your fantastic hat look even better. However, my love of small detail and crafting (and eating) brought me to my most fabulous venture yet. Marrying fashion and food, my business partner and soul sister, Alicia, and I came up with Petite Four Couture. A high end confectionery specializing in petit fours. I urge everyone, everywhere to grab a hat, join our Facebook page and wait for our website in June. I sense tea parties. Many many tea parties.

Check OUT this site coming in JUNE

!WOW! currently up and running check out this link below !WOW!



10 years: where do you see yourself? real, imaginary, or both!

10 years from now, I am barefoot surrounded by husband, his guitar, my dogs (plus 10) and flowers. I am gathering eggs to make cake and strawberries for jam. I am definitely, definitely wearing a hat.

Lastly, may i please stalk you and your head-wear for life? i honestly do not think i can function without them. and, if so, THANK YOU!!!

You are without a blink a major source of my inspiration. Your enthusiasm is infectious.

No Jasika, you are an inspiration to myself and the rest of the global community...artistic or otherwise. I know that you will go far, so far with EVERYTHING! Whatever you and your business partner create...wearable, edible and BEYOND!! Thank YOU for making the world brighter, funkier, prettier, fancier, edgier and more elegant than i could possibly fathome anyone or anything could. THANK YOU.
May I have this DANCE????
I would be honoured.


BanjoBaySoaps said...

I encourage ALL of you guys and gals, artists and love of fabric, fun, food, and fabulousness to check out Jasika and Alicia's work...
From persoanl exprience, i can tell you, from the botom of heart, you will not be let will be up lifted and fully enlightened!!
With Love,
Than Mad Alchemist...E

naughteebits said...

what a great find! WONDERFUL shoppe!

Two Back Flats said...

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank times a million!

BanjoBaySoaps said...

thank YOU times a million...
I LOVE MY Nod to Alice Hat!!!!!!
i want the BUNNNNY on it!!!
arg arg arg.
love to you!!!
everyone LOVES this interview!!!
you rock!

Anonymous said...

I love your stuff! Great shop. It looks so magical and fun. said...

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